Friday, 19 April 2013

Sick Buuuuuurrrrn!

The "diseased incineration" originally involved a joke about Aphrodite being a Transvestite because she was born from Kronos "magic stick". I really prefer this version. First, because, well, it wasn´t very fitting, second, it was kinda stupid and insulting to transvestites and trans-gender people and third, this one is actually relevant and MEAN. 
- Nekromantenhase

Friday, 12 April 2013

Da Rules

The reason why Maat put "death" into quotation marks is that death does not affect the gods during the tournament, since all the gods and goddesses of death made an oath not to let it count. (That´s what Athene meant when she said that Tanathos promised not to do his duty during the tournamen a few strips back, in case that flew over your head.) They can sort of die though - it just doesn´t count. Let´s leave it at that since it´ll get more clear once it actually happens... or rather if it happens ;)
- Nekromantenhase