This is where you can find wallpapers and other pictures from newest to oldest :)

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A silly thing I drew when a friend on facebook pointed out that Horus looks like pidgeotto...

When this blog reached 1000 clicks, I decided to make a poll on what god/dess I should make a wallpaper on. Baldr won! This is the second version of "Baldrs draumar". It shows Baldr holding a thistle,  the midgardserpent fighting Thor (represented through  Mjöllnir), Surturs flaming sword, Skali and Hati eating the sun and the moon, Hödurs blind eyes and the thistle-arrow and Odins mouth whispering the last words into Baldrs ear. 

Second version of "Baldrs draumar". Woah, the color scheme is all over the place... 

The new design with new Freya. I decided to make the two goddesses of love opposites in many aspects: Blond and black, sleek and curly hair, thin and curvy body, melancholic/calm and silly/playful personality. She is know to cry tears of gold, after all.

For some reason I imagine Loki to be a complete idiot-parent that really loves his children, but uses exactly the wrong ways to express it. Like throwing his child into the sea/ into niflheim to spare it from getting captured by the Aesir. Oh wait, he did that.

I felt like drawing Loki after reading this post on tumblr. Sindri and Brokk were two dwarves that Loki cheated  out of their payment. I imagined that this would be the  armor they would make him if he ever dared asking for one. The woman next to him is Freya. Smug as always.
A request from a friend after he won the "catch the reference"-game that I have played on facebook. This is as feminine and casual as Athena can get, she barely ever has her hair open (and she hasn´t on  this picture, there is an unseen barette on the back of her head).
Aphrodite being all flirty. While I like the colors, I have messed up the anatomy. I mean, what is up with her shoulders? 

One day, when all the contestants have had their first fight, i´ll do a  mega-several-part-wallpaper like this one. Left to right: Loki, Terpsichore, Freya, Aphrodite, Hel, Horus, Hermes, Baldr and  Bastet. At first I wanted Loki to have a harlequin-costume, but I  decided against it, since well, harlequins first appeared in the 16th century - in italy. So it would not exactly make sense for a  scandinavian god to be wearing that...

The first background for this blog. I wasn´t really happy about Freyas design, since she just looked like a blond Aphrodite. Back then I also didn´t have her character figured out yet. I like the new Freya much better :)