Thursday, 28 February 2013

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Fun Fact: Isis has for the most part the exact same symbols als Hathor, often the two can only be told apart by the additional text on the plates depicting them. Also the two goddesses tend to be melted together, especially when the question of who Horus mother is come up. And that´s not even the tip of the iceberg on how confusing the egyptian gods can get!
- Nekromantenhase

Friday, 22 February 2013

That´s our Zeus!

Zeus did get quite around in his time, now didn´t he? His "courtship"-transformations include, but are not limited to: An eagle. A swan. A bull. Golden rain (ew). Fire (ouch).
Just wow.
I bet that was awkward when she found out.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hello world!

I shall use this first post to introduce myself and this blog.

Well then, who am I?
Actually that is not that interesting. I am a person who loves mythology and whenever I won´t be studying or drawing scary comics or drawing something else, I´ll be working on this webcomic here.

Well, then, what is this webcomic about?
You will see soon enough ;) 
Let´s just say that the title and the fact that I love mythology is a pretty good tip. 
The whole thing will start next Friday and from then on it will be updated every Friday after that. 

Altogether I just would like to say: If I should make any mistakes, language-wise or otherwise, please let me know! English is not my mother-tongue and even though I try my best, I am not perfect. No-on is.
Also: If you like this comic, great! Feel free to tell your friends and to link my blog or individual pictures. All content posted here is under Creative Commons-License, meaning: You mustn´t use it for commercial purposes but you may take it and change it, as long as you share alike. I would really appreaciate it if you´d always tell people where it came from, though.

Since you are here, I´d like to give you a (kinda crappy) welcome-present.
See, I already made this webcomic once, but in a very lazy style without sketches or anything and this is the reboot. Still I´d like to post the portraits of some of the characters that are going to take part in the comic, just for your amusement and for you to guess who´s who ^^

See you next Friday :)
- Nekromantenhase