Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hello world!

I shall use this first post to introduce myself and this blog.

Well then, who am I?
Actually that is not that interesting. I am a person who loves mythology and whenever I won´t be studying or drawing scary comics or drawing something else, I´ll be working on this webcomic here.

Well, then, what is this webcomic about?
You will see soon enough ;) 
Let´s just say that the title and the fact that I love mythology is a pretty good tip. 
The whole thing will start next Friday and from then on it will be updated every Friday after that. 

Altogether I just would like to say: If I should make any mistakes, language-wise or otherwise, please let me know! English is not my mother-tongue and even though I try my best, I am not perfect. No-on is.
Also: If you like this comic, great! Feel free to tell your friends and to link my blog or individual pictures. All content posted here is under Creative Commons-License, meaning: You mustn´t use it for commercial purposes but you may take it and change it, as long as you share alike. I would really appreaciate it if you´d always tell people where it came from, though.

Since you are here, I´d like to give you a (kinda crappy) welcome-present.
See, I already made this webcomic once, but in a very lazy style without sketches or anything and this is the reboot. Still I´d like to post the portraits of some of the characters that are going to take part in the comic, just for your amusement and for you to guess who´s who ^^

See you next Friday :)
- Nekromantenhase