Friday, 22 March 2013


It´s kind of sad how one can just see the amount of text and rambling grow exponantially with every update in and outside the comic.

Oh well, why stop here? 
Thot´s rhetorcial-question-rant in full length:
Why is the picture so small that it can´t be seen by the last row? Why is the system so unnecessarily complicated and prone to corruption? Why is it so unfair? Why do you get to decide who gets a second chance? Why didn´t you just choose a even number of gods which can be divided by four so you wouldn´t need this special-rule? Why are you suddenly our leader and not Re or Amun or Amun-Re? Why did you use the Latin Alphabet and not the Greek Alphabet or Hieroglyphics or Runes? And for that matter: Why do we speak English? And why do we speak it with the spelling and grammar mistakes of a German? Why do I suddenly get so meta? Why is the handwriting so messy and the bubbles so ugly and wobbly? Why does this webcomic only update once a week? Why is it only in outlines? Why do my hands look so half-assed? Why is my beak cut off? Why...