Friday, 17 May 2013

News, again

News, baybay!
So, yeah, I´ve tested out tumblr for a while and wheter or not it is sufficient for the publishing-needs of my webcomic “Immortal Combat”. And I´ve come to the conclusion… yes and no.
No, because tumblr is a freakin´ OCEAN of posts and one post a week would simply drown like a… thing that can´t swim at all.
The logical conclusion would be that I produce MORE posts then (which is not exactly a problem), but that again means that between the strips there would be loads and loads of distracting stuff up to the point where the understanding wouldbe  made difficult or impossible.
So decided to make two blogs: is going to be the main story, sources, character sheets and so on., as it will be called from now on, will be for re-blogs, less important announcements, fun stuff and extra information, community and extra content. 
Also, there will be a shiny new function called “ask the Gods”, which means exactly what it seems: You may feel free to ask any of the occuring characters from Immortal Combat any questions. I will answer (where possible with illustration) as soon as possible. 
Of course you can also ask me stuff with that function, even though I´m not a god.
I´m curious on what you guys think about it and I am looking forward to your questions!
As you can see I have already installed a fancy link somewhere in THAT direction----->>>
- Nekromantenhase