Friday, 12 July 2013

Horus vs Hermes

A couple of small comments that I´d like to add, but first things first:
You guys have been voting the past week and Baldr made first place! As such I´d like to provide you with this nifty wallpaper I made (click to enlarge):
You can find a description of what´s going on and 
lots of extra content, wallpapers etc. at

Also, as some of you might have noticed: Hermes looks different from what he looked like before in this comic and Horus looks and acts differently from when he was introduced in the first draft, back when "Immortal Combat!" was still called "Pantheon" and hosted on deviantart.

The first change is due to my style developing and me learning more and more about anatomy and facial features. As such, since I want to improve my style and raise my production value over time, change in character design is inevitable for something as drawn out as "Immortal Combat!".
For example I have also decided that the symbols of the Egyptian gods float over their heads. That applies to at least some of them. Since Egyptian Gods are shapeshifters by default (meaning that they don´t really have a shape set in stone), I decided to include this feature mostly with characters where it is actually important. And Horus happens to be one of them.

The second change is rooted in something that might be avoideable if I had the time to think this webcomic completely through before I even draw the first line: My level of knowledge is different from when I first started "Pantheon". I always had a knack for memorizing little facts about Mythology, but most of my information came from secondady material: Tv shows, fantasy books, movies etc. 

Now that I have actually read some Egyptian, Greek, Norse Myths, I started to think differently about these characters, I have found new facets and things that conflict with the original design I had in mind.
For example: I had first intended for Baldr to be lawful good, but stupid. After having read parts of the Edda, it´s quite obvious to me that he really is not dumb by any means, he is very tragic, though. 
None of the already established characters are going to change so much as to no-one could recognize them anymore. To make it short: Don´t worry, Moe-Horus isn´t gone or something.

I am rhubarbering today, I swear. First the tumblr-post, now this.
Oh well, I hope it was interesting to some, at least.
- Nekromantenhase