Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sad News

Well... I tried to deny it, I got angry, I bargained with myself, I got sad (still am, actually) and then I accepted it:

I won´t be doing any more Immortal Combat comic-strips.

That I´m a busy person is no secret to anyone who reads this blog´s news or knows me personally and as of late I´ve become an even busier person. So busy in fact that I can´t continue this webcomic if I want to do it right (and "right" is the only way for me). I just haven´t got the time and since I learned where my limit is the hard way these past few years, I´ll just have to let go of this project. I´m sorry. 

Now what will happen on this blog?

1. There will be two more comic-strips. Unfortunately none of them include a conclusion to the story. These comic-strips will be posted on the 31st January and the 7th Feburary.

2. On the 14th Febuary I´ll post a long text containing the general plans I had for this comic and how the storyline was supposed to develop. This I´ll do for two reasons: a) To keep myself from coming back to this project b) So the readers of this blog can have at least some closure.

3. After that it´s over. The blog will probably stay online for another half year or so, after that I´ll delete it. 

I want to thank everyone who stayed with me and the Gods during this past nearly-a-year.
If you´d like to stay in contact and/or check out what else I´m doing or will be doing: is my homepage (it´s in German, though) is my personal tumblr. 

PS: Freya isn´t gone because I´m a drama queen but rather because a change of format was planned, as you´ll see next friday. Still: It´s weirdly symbolic now. The poster girl has left the scene.
Probably to finally relax her arms, she´s been holding that up SO long after all.